Born Again Property Development is a Real Estate Development Company with years of experience. Our consulting and management services offer our clients firsthand knowledge of land planning, land development, financial budget planning, entitlements, code compliance, FEMA regulations, design, and construction management. In turn, providing our clients the confidence that their investments are protected and successful.

As the Owner Representative, we oversee various aspects of the client’s project. Advising them on the most effective ways to utilize their resources and act as the liaison to the design, construction, and public entities. Our mission is to change lives by developing creative inspiring projects throughout the world!


Multi-family buildings are the most in-demand commercial real estate products in the nation.

Commercial & Industrial

Born Again expertise include office build-to-suit experience encompasses a variety of tailored designs.

Single Family Residential For Rent

The Single-Family Rental (SFR) community or the build-to-rent model is a market validated concept.

Design Development/Pre-Construction Services

Our Team oversees the creation of the design, budgets, and schedules and pre-qualifies the General Contractor to help manage the risk of the owner.

  • Project Administration
  • Assist with jurisdictional reviews and other mitigation issues
  • Pre-Development Meetings
  • Coordination of the Design Team
  • Design Document Review
  • Building Code Review
  • Project Scheduling
  • Establish Overall Development Budget, including other non-design/construction-related costs
  • Engineering and Architectural review and evaluation
  • Permitting

Construction Management Services

  • Bidding out construction documents to suppliers and subcontractors
  • Negotiating subcontractor agreements
  • Providing due diligence related to subcontractor selection
  • Pre-qualify General Contractors
  • Evaluation of Bids
  • Construction Contract Oversight

Project Management Services

Construction of the development or project is monitored closely to ensure the work is being carried out in accordance with the budget and within the time frame allocated to complete the Project. The representative will engage issues as they arise to help the General Contractor or Owner mitigate them efficiently.

  • Site Inspections
  • Team Coordination
  • Trade Coordination
  • Progress Reporting
  • Value Engineering
  • Payment Schedule Approvals
  • Change Order Management
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Project close-out and Owner turnover

Real Estate Knowledge and Experience

We have invested a great deal of time, energy, and capital investment into our real estate education and years of experience in developing locally, and globally. Beyond the principles of sound investing, we were trained on how to build a successful business based on systems and predictability. Having completed over 1,000 real estate transactions, over 85 successfully completed projects, and managed million in assets. Our team is equipped to handle any project anywhere in the United States.

Managing Member Zandra Jones graduated with a business management degree and has spent her career as an entrepreneur, developing successful companies, and has spent the last 9 years working in Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Developing, and construction. Owning a construction company in Houston Texas, a property management company managing assets in 4 countries, and a development company helping investors turn their dream into reality in an efficient process-oriented manner. Zandra started the business with an intentional goal in mind to provide a full turn-key process for investors. Starting with an idea or a goal of our client, then developing an action plan to accomplish, starting with due diligence to maximize every opportunity, managing the full construction project putting the right teams in place from the engineers to the ground crews onsite project managers, to the final piece of managing the asset in property management.

Our team is focused on providing private and public commercial and residential investors a resource to a developer and project manager they can trust to oversee their investments. Having spent years managing development projects and properties, has provided our team with hands-on experience to lead and coordinate teams from the table to the field. This exposure varies from corporate offices, mid-rise, multi-units, vacation homes, and single-family homes. Her experience in construction, development, and property management, has continued to expand over the years working directly with owners alike and helping guide their projects from inception to successful completion and an exceptionally high producing residual income stream. We understand the importance of keeping costs down and projects being completed on time to maximize the overall income. Our team has years of experience and follows a well-defined process allowing our clients to have peace of mind knowing the project is on track and in the process is always moving forward. Each project is assigned a dedicated agent within our team to communicate with, run meetings and assist in facilitating each step forward in the development process and management of the asset.
Meet the Team

Who Are We?

Zandra Jones

Chief Executive Director

Coleen Ortigas

Development Manager

Aiian Sayas

Property Manager